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i love taking pictures and pandas are my life and them. \(◕‿◕✿)/

✧ All photos c/o me unless stated otherwise. Theme is not mine as well but I modified a few.

Ridiculous Experiments

With a phone in hand, too many inspiration seen on tumblr and instagram how about trying it for yourself aye? I did a few shots without any filter and I was happy that some of the shots I did looks… decent?

Yes they were shot in a car and yes i’m trying to experiment on something including Mister Sun. How adorable…. not.

The sun’s rays that got through the car’s window just look so amazing so why not try what those indie/vertical blogs do?

This shot made me feel like a freaking pro! I mean in my opinion, I love how it turned out except for that stupid green dot near my ring finger gdi.

More experimenting in the future!! Have a nice day, pandas :)


A Sacrifice for Him

During the holy week, our family would really plan on going to different kind of churches during the Visita Iglesia. 

Despite the very hot weather, I’m glad we were still able to finish the stations and I also thank the heavens because this is one of the days where our family and relatives are reunited or something like that.

imageOne of the churches we visited is the Immaculate Concepcion Church.

I admired the beauty of the church because of the new designs they have placed there. There used to be a painting of the sky in the middle of the ceiling but I noticed they changed it to a very beautiful design. It honestly reminded me of a ballroom haha.


Usually, this is the church where we go to before we eat our lunch because the parking area of the church has stone chairs or some sort and it’s nice to have lunch in the area. The church is beautiful inside and out and I admired how the church seemed to still look beautiful despite how long it was built.

imageHere is a picture of the inside of Christ the King. Beautiful right?


Let’s just say I tried out taking pictures bringing out my 'feeling photographer' self on the way to the churches… I just can’t help myself like I feel the need to take a picture of it! Here are some of those pictures hAH






Today is the day!! 

I was happy to hear that the people who watched the Juniors’ Musical Play enjoyed it! I was also beyond happy when my friends told me I was good and I did well. My heart flattered at the compliments and I can’t help but say “thank you so much congrats to you too” without my voice breaking from excitement.


Here are the photos taken & these are care of my classmate!


Allow me to introduce them to you.
Far left - Bea // Pedro, Sisa’s husband
Left - Drew // Basilio, older brother of Crispin
Right - Me // Crispin, younger brother of Basilio
Far Right - Ullma // Sisa, Pedro’s wife

☆ The photos above were taken before the actual play.

Bayan ng San Diego (some characters were introduced)

imageTwo gravediggers talking about how disgusting and smelly the grave they are currently digging.

Ibarra furious because he thought Padre Salvi is the reason behind the lose of his father’s body.

imagePilosopo Tasyo’s moment where he talks about his past.

Basilio & Crispin at the bell tower. Crispin was taken by the Sakristan Mayor afterwards then died.

imageSisa with Pedro and where she saw a black dog at where Crispin used to go to.

imageThe last part of the scene assigned to our section. The part where Sisa was judged and misunderstood by the townspeople and where she finally loses it.

☆ I apologize for the quality of the pictures and these are once again care of my classmate, Doreen Doria.

I might also be able to share a video if ever I might get my hands on one (◕‿-) see you all soon bye! 


MP: TDR & Practices

Basically, I would just like to share the photos by my classmate during the TDR (Technical Dress Rehearsal) and Practices for our Musical Play.

Nonetheless to say, that she owns the photos not me. ´ ▽ ` )ノ  The photos first posted would be from the practices then the photos from the TDR. So, yay let’s go on with the sharing!!


The photos above where taken during our practices in the music room with our music teacher who we absolutely love and the one who helped us with the tune of the songs and the chords for the instruments. Sml for her.  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

imageimageimageimageimageAs for these photos, they were taken during our TDR which was held at the SICC or a gym in our school. We practiced where we would be at the stage itself which would be better without the cords of the microphones.

☆ I apologize for the quality of the photos because I am those lazy ass person who is too lazy to edit. The photos are owned by my classmate, Doreen Doria. :)



Happy International Women’s Day. 


Happy International Women’s Day. 


Hiya! We had our TDR (Technical Dress Rehearsal) earlier and to be honest, I have never felt so terrified and always in dire need to poo.

We were the second ones to perform and from the looks of our performance, we aren’t ready. The flow and the accompaniment are a disaster but I know my class did our best.

The Musical Play is already on the 6th and whenever I think about it, the more terrified I feel. Jfc. Just want to update you with what’s happening at school. Hihi.

Next. I have a problem lately and I’m once again terrified because I don’t know how to fix it. Nor prove that I’m strong enough to pass through it because I have never encountered such problem before. 

Do you think I can pass through this?

If only I have just went with her for lunch, we would’ve been fine.

Cheers and have a great week everybody! -e


Let’s all just say I just stayed at home and lived my life as either a panda or a pig. Sleep, eat, sleep, eat, read, and the routine goes on.

Instead of just lying down doing nothing, I tried to be productive! So, not me. But, I did try. I looked for a couple of songs that would be best for like a SLEEP PLAYLIST. You know, the type of songs you would usually play when you’re about to sleep. :)

I’m going to share to you all 5 of them and maybe soon I’ll do an 8Tunes kind of thing where we combine all of them into one track hihi.

✿ Sleep Playlist. 

1) Toothpaste Kisses - The Maccabees

2) To Whom It May Concern - The Civil Wars

3) Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

4) Sink In - The Paper Kites

5) Reverse - Gabrielle Aplin

Cheers! Hope you will check out these songs. :) They honestly make me calm and relax so I find them helpful when I want to take a snooze. -e

MP; Practices (?)

From now it would be 5 more days until our musical play and to be honest, our class is now doing our best to finish the scenes and polish everything before the day.

We would be doing a musical play of Noli Me Tangere,

Our section was assigned to do the Chapter 10-18 of this novel. Hopefully, the Grade 9 students would do great!!

Some of the photos that we’re taken during our said practice: (mostly during our breaks and where we aren’t doing anything hihi)

with ellaine (one on the left)
with ellaine (left) & judith (middle)
imagewith angie (top), ellaine (second from the bottom), judith (right)
imagei’m tall i know i know (ellaine though ahah)

This day was tiring yet productive in a way. My role is Crispin (younger brother of Basilio, son of Sisa & Pedro). Cheers to the upcoming musical play!! 


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